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th (1)Dydacomp recently announced a new release to their Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M) that includes several new features customers have been asking for.  Version 9 of M.O.M. includes several requested enhancements to inventory management; such as lot tracking, wireless picking, advanced product forecasting, and a totally redesigned import/export facility.  They also increased  the number of 3rd party eCommerce platforms that are supported ; which  improves ease of use, scalability and performance.  They have a number of optional modules to add even more functionality to the program overall.

For those of you looking for a cloud based product they now offer Freestyle Commerce which is tightly integrated with Magento® – however it is a relatively new product so it doesn’t have the same functionality as their desktop program at this time.

Check out their recent press release for more information.

Rox 🙂

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News from Intuit 

Every year when a new version of QuickBooks is released Intuit also reviews their various other services and offerings and announce changes, updates, or items that will be discontinued.  There are several articles available that cover what’s new in the QuickBooks 2015 version; however we wanted to highlight a few of the ‘biggies’ that everyone should be aware of outside of any new features or UI changes. 

Intuit Discontinuing Intuit Sync Manager

Add-on software developers have been notified that Intuit Sync Manager will be discontinued on March 1, 2016. This includes the services that support Sync Manager.

If you are a QuickBooks user, and you’re using one of the apps that use Sync Manager, you will not be able to use that app starting in March 2016. For the list of apps affected go to:

A couple of popular examples are: ReceiptMatch with QuickBooks and the QuickBooks Client Collaborator.  It’s still unclear what will happen with the Client Collaborator (which was new in 2013); hopefully they will build a new connector instead of discontinuing it.

 Employee Organizer

The Employee Organizer is specific to QuickBooks Enterprise; or I should say ‘was’ specific to earlier versions of Enterprise.  If you use this free add-in now you won’t want to upgrade to Enterprise 2015 until you find a replacement product. 

Salesforce for QuickBooks 

On September 4th Intuit announced that they were discontinuing Salesforce for QuickBooks effective December 3, 2014.  Salesforce was a CRM subscription that integrated with QuickBooks via the QuickBooks-Salesforce Integration App.  You can switch your subscription from Intuit to Salesforce directly and use Salesforce as a stand-alone CRM, but you will not have the ability to ‘share’ data between Intuit’s QuickBooks and your Salesforce CRM.

You can migrate your Salesforce data to other CRM products if needed.

As reported on Charlie Russell’s Sleeter Group Blog there are some  3rd party utilities that may offer a way to ‘exchange data’ between QuickBooks and Salesforce. But of course, that will cost you more in time and money.

Intuit is giving users three months to complete the conversion. For more information, see the Salesforce FAQ page.

Windows XP

One more important thing to keep in mind: QuickBooks 2015 does not support Windows XP. If you’re still using Windows XP you must update your operating system to Windows 7 or 8 before you upgrade your QuickBooks to the 2015 version. Even if you’re not planning on upgrading to QuickBooks 2015, you should still be concerned about using Windows XP on a computer that is connected to the Internet since it is no longer supported by Microsoft. Microsoft retired the popular operating system on April 8, 2014; so no further security updates will be released for XP; which could put your data at risk.

Intuit PaymentNetwork 

This has to be one of the worst decisions Intuit has ever made!  Many of us bill through our QuickBooks file, it’s a daily necessity and it’s always been very easy to do this within QuickBooks.  I had always used their Merchant Services; however last year it stopped working in my 2013 file one day with no warning.  I upgraded to 2014 thinking that would fix it; unfortunately that wasn’t the case – they basically said it was no longer available and I had to use IPN (Intuit PaymentNetwork).  I switched to that and have been using it for just over a year now.  

It seems that IPN is not actually going away (yet), we can still manually add a payment link to the emailed invoices – but how is that very helpful?  So the bottom line is the nice in-product integration is no longer available in QuickBooks 2015 and there is not a replacement product.  If last year is any indication, we may even have problems in our 2013 and 2014 files.  Personally I’ve not experienced any problems; however 2015 became available to end-users yesterday – so it feels like a ticking time bomb.  I have seen a few forum posts of others having issues already – so this one change can wreck a lot of havoc on a user!

As always, if you use ANY 3rd party programs or add-ins it’s very important that you check with the developer, or company, before you update to the newest QuickBooks version.  There is no guarantee that whatever program that you have successfully working with QuickBooks now will work with a new version.

Use your feedback icon in QuickBooks to send your feedback to Intuit – that’s how they track improvements and make changes.  Hopefully if enough people complain and provide enough feedback some USEFUL changes will come about; we can always hope.





If you are a merchant selling on Amazon Seller Central or participating in Amazon FBA, I hope to see you at one (or all – each webinar will have something different to offer) of the upcoming webinars for the new Communiqué for Amazon Seller Central!  If you haven’t already registered it’s not too late; you can sign up at:

Webinar Signup

Since my last post, Altaireon has started a user forum; which can be found at:  

ASC Forum

They also updated their website to include more information on their exciting new product:

Altaireon Website

If you are a QuickBooks Pro Advisor like myself, or an accounting professional, be sure to check this new program out – I know you will be amazed at how easy it will now be to help your eCommerce clients who sell on Amazon. 

See you there,

Rox 🙂

Great news for anyone using Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) from Dydacomp  – they’ve released a new reporting tool from our friends at Altaireon! 

Dydacomp  announced the availability of Communiqué for Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.), providing customers with a premier reporting and business intelligence solution.

With Communiqué for M.O.M., Dydacomp is offering merchants extensive dashboards for instant snap shots, plus standard reports, data analyzers, and pivot tables to assist with tactical and strategic decision making. Communiqué is remarkably intuitive and easy to use, providing merchants with the advantage needed to prosper in today’s eCommerce environment.

To learn more about it check out the Press Release at

To learn more about Communique for M.O.M. or to request a demo; head over to


Are you wondering whether it’s time to automate your eCommerce business so you can grow to the next level?

Have you wondered how you can manage your eCommerce business more effectively, without depending on QuickBooks for everything?

If so, head over to my blog post on Dydacomp’ s Blog today


thThe eBay auction website is asking all 233 million of its users to change their passwords. The users’ information have fallen into the hands of hackers. No financial data has been stolen, but names and email addresses as well as home addresses and phone numbers have been compromised.

“Our customers are our highest priority; and to ensure they continue to have a safe, secure and trusted experience on eBay, we will be asking all eBay users to change their passwords,” the company reported.

Currently eBay is reporting that PayPal has not been compromised; however to be safe I would recommend updating your password there as well.


For more information, see

For a review on choosing safe passwords, see my previous post at: 










From “Ask the Expert” on our site: (


I ran across your blog post about using two monitors ( I have 4 companies in my QuickBooks files. If I have two monitors can I have two company files open at the same time? i.e. our construction company and our Real Estate Brokerage?


Tracy H.




Thank you for contacting us; we’ve actually had a few others ask the same question recently.

You can only have two files of the same version year open at the same time if you are using Enterprise or the Accountant’s Edition of QuickBooks.  My guess is that you are using QuickBooks Pro or Premier with two monitors tied to ONE computer. Unfortunately that will not allow you to open two files at one time because you are working off of one computer.

Another alternative:  If you have two version years of QuickBooks installed (for instance the Real Estate is on QuickBooks 2013 and the construction company is on version 2014), you could open both because they are using different version years of QuickBooks.

Have a great day!

Rox 🙂