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Articles and Resources by Roxanne

articles by Roxanne

End of the Year is Around the Corner – Time To Get Ready! – written for eMerchant and published in their September 2012 Newsletter.


As a Managing Editor of the former Intuit Developer Advisory Council (IDNAC) Newsletter; I have written several productivity articles, QuickBooks® Integrated Application Product Reviews, and interviewed many of the Developers who wrote the QuickBooks® add-on programs; you will find these articles throughout our website available as a .pdf download.

*IDNAC is a non-profit organization that brings QuickBooks ProAdvisors and Developers together.  Click here for more information about IDNAC.*


Free eCommerce Glossary of Terms

Take advantage of our Free eCommerce Glossary of Terms.  This .pdf contains several pages of terms that can be easily printed for your reference.  Click here to download the Glossary of Terms.


Productivity Articles

Working Remotely – What Is It & What Does It Mean to You?

What is the difference between remote access and file transfers?  Why would you use one service over the other?

For those of us that have been using various services over the years, it may seem like a simple answer “Working remotely is a way to work with a clients data from your office instead of theirs and file transfers is just transferring files”…… however, there is really a lot more of the story with the ever changing world of technology.


The Start of a New Year – And a New QuickBooks File

While it is not necessary, or recommended to start a new QuickBooks file every year; there are several reasons why a new data file is needed.  I’ve looked at some very cool QuickBooks Integrated Add-Ons that will help streamline the process of starting a new company file.  By utilizing these programs, you will no longer be limited to only transferring lists from one file to another – you can bring over outstanding transactions, inventory balances, and more.


eCommerce Series

eCommerce or electronic commerce is the business of selling on-line by harnessing the power of the Internet, either with or through a website or by means of email.  With the growth of commerce on the Internet, eCommerce often refers to purchases from on-line stores located on the web; they may also be referred to a “virtual” or “cyber” stores.  eCommerce is a demanding business and good management skills are just as essential as a good website, good customer service, excellent time management, automation, and understanding the “virtual” world of shopping and it’s customers.

Additional eCommerce Articles:


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