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What Our Customers Are Saying

When I met Roxanne, we had no idea how to get our sanding supplies sales data to flow from www.2Sand.com to Monsoon StoneEdge and QuickBooks.  Rox set up our system while training us at the same time.  We have been running smoothly for 2 years now, but she has always been there when there was a glitch.”

RJ Stroman
2Sand.com, LLC


Two years ago we knew it was time to integrate QuickBooks with our Monsoon StoneEdge Order Manager.  We saw Roxanne Brown speak at one of the SEOM User Conferences and called her up.  She was very professional, detail oriented and knowledgeable.  She knew exactly what we needed and was able to help us streamline our accounting and avoid lots of the double entry we were doing.  We made it through the integration with her help and have continued to use her services annually for tax time clean up.  Thanks to Roxanne we are able to manage our business better with more accurate reporting and inventory tracking which saves us time and money.”

Pam Jahnke, Owner

Young Woman Sitting in Front of a Computer and Laughing


Rox has been wonderful to work with. I started using Monsoon Stone Edge Order Manager about 3 years ago & I needed someone to connect this new program to my QuickBooks file. She was able to complete this detailed task with ease. At the end of that year both programs needed to be reconciled. Rox’s help with this was priceless! I call on Rox at the end of each year to help me with this monumental task.  You will be highly impressed with her professionalism and skill, I was!”

Wendy Silver-Gordon
Traditions Jewish Gifts


I have been working with Roxanne and Professional Business Solutions 4U for a few years now. Working with Roxanne is always a GREAT experience. She is professional, personable and extremely knowledgeable. She constantly gives me suggestions on things I can do to make my QB/StoneEdge experience easier and more efficient. She has helped me many times in a pinch. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Roxanne and Professional Business Solutions. It is always refreshing to deal with a company that puts its customers first, is reliable and always accessible.”

Hillary Souza
Veronica’s Treats


Roxanne offers us indispensable help getting our QuickBooks and Stone Edge Order Manager softwares working properly! She is very patient, reassuring, and knowledgeable. Her vast experience with technology, business needs, and working with people, as well as her ability to understand our company’s particular needs helps streamline our consulting time. She has saved our company some costly errors by fixing some things we had set up incorrectly.”

Intuit QuickBooks Proadvisor Review


Roxanne’s [of Professional Business Solutions 4 U] ability to leverage over 15 years of experience of working with ecommerce shop owners to establish QuickBooks workflows that have streamlined our book keeping processes. Her in depth knowledge of Monsoon Commerce’s Stone Edge Order Manager and how to effectively integrate the data flow to QuickBooks has saved us the burden of duplicate data entry while allowing us to focus on growing our business. The ROI was immediate after our first consultation.”

Marc Flood
Candle Luxury


We initially used Roxanne for our Monsoon Stone Edge set-up and for cleaning up our QuickBook accounts.  Roxanne will go the extra mile for her clients.  Two examples of this are all of the help and answers she provides in the user forums and secondly she provides a lot of free how-to information for her clients. I have always had a great experience working with Roxanne over the last two years.  She is professional, easy to work with, and she saves us a ton of time and money throughout the year.  I would recommend Roxanne to anyone but my competition.”

B. Bryke


Dependable, Knowledgeable, Professional! Our company has depended on Roxanne and her staff for several years to manage our QuickBooks with our order management system.  She fully understands how the two independent systems work, how our ecommerce business works and makes them all work together. Monthly reporting is no longer on our “to do” list, with Roxanne it is on our “done list”. She keeps up- to-date on the functionality of all the software involved and offers guidance on how to best maximize the programs to suit our needs.  She or her staff is always accessible with timely responses to emails or calls.   We don’t know how we’d manage the numbers aspect of our business without her support!”

C. Gray
Owner, Corporate Travel Safety, LLC


Roxanne Brown, and the staff of Professional Business Solutions 4 U, are an invaluable business resource. They provide the ongoing support we need to keep our QuickBooks Enterprise and Monsoon Stone Edge reporting accurate and up to date…so we can manage and grow our online business. Their knowledge of both systems, as well as accounting, enable them to assist us on a level that we have never experienced before. We would not hesitate to recommend Roxanne Brown and her team of professionals!”

Catherine Lombard
Vice President
Barn Door Lighting Outfitters


Rox is very well versed with QuickBooks, Monsoon Stone Edge Order Manager, and most importantly how they are interrelated. I certainly would recommend her services.”

R. Bell
New York


We have been working with Rox for more than a year and a half. I can say that I feel confident and calm that our accounting and bookkeeping is in great shape. I no longer worry whether our books are up to date or if the data has been entered correctly. Roxanne is very knowledgeable of her work and she is an absolute professional. Accounting has always been our weak link but with her help, now things go without a hitch. Thank you Roxanne for being part of our team. When one works with professionals, things just happen. :)”

Chris Tomov


I am a part-time controller for a large online retailer.  Working with Roxanne has been nothing short of a perfect partnership.  She is very responsive to any questions or issues that may come up and is sensitive to our deadlines.  She is a critical part of our team.  I highly recommend her to any company.”

and heartratemonitorsusa.com


I’m a bit hesitant to write a review for Rox, because I like to keep great people and the services they provide to myself! I have worked with Rox over the past 8 years primarily dealing with QBs and SEOM integration issues. I’ve been in the Ecommerce business for almost 15 years now, and it does not get any better than Rox. She is extremely knowledgeable and if she doesn’t know an answer off the top of her head, she will dig in and do the dirty work to figure it out. In addition  she has always been very quick to reply, which as a business owner, you know how important that can be. I can’t imagine how she could do better!”

Intuit QuickBooks Proadvisor Review


When we switched to Monsoon Stone Edge Order Manager a few years ago, EVERYONE recommended Roxanne to help with the integration with QuickBooks. She very quickly, but carefully, completed the integration, trained us how the new system works, and made sure the data was accurate over the transition. We’ve continued to work with Roxanne for quarterly reviews and questions as they arise. She is extremely responsive, efficient, and knowledgeable. She is more than just a consultant. I feel like she is part of our team. Add me to the very long list of people that recommend Roxanne.”

John Koontz
West Coat Shaving


We’re a motorcycle accessory manufacture/distributor and we hired Rox to do our  Monsoon StoneEdge Order Manager and QuickBooks integration. We were all very impressed by her efficient workflow and professionalism. She did it by remote desktop support and we were amazed how fast she dazzled through several windows at the same time. Rox would always send us to-do lists and follow up after every consulting session. Thank you so much for the professional work! What used to be hours or even days of pains-taking process now is just a few clicks. We’ve recommended her service to several friends’ businesses and will definitely keep doing so. Thank you Rox for saving us so much time and money, and we really appreciate your very pleasant personality.”

Owner of BestemUSA.com


I have been working with Roxanne Brown of Professional Business Solutions 4U for four years. I hired her to help me configure and set up my Monsoon Commerce Stone Edge integration with QuickBooks. We have several websites, and she helped me set up QB to track sales properly for each site. Since then we meet quarterly to normalize any accounting discrepancies between the two systems that have come up. She is always available to answer questions and help me troubleshoot any issues I’m having with my Stone Edge/QuickBooks integration.”

Doug Hopeman, Owner, Hopemaru Enterprises Inc.


We have been working with Roxanne for about 1 year. I must say that she has dramatically changed our business for the better. Her knowledge of how QuickBooks works and how it integrates with our Stone Edge order manager is second to none! She helped streamline our process and made sure that both systems were communicating flawlessly. We knew after five minutes of speaking with Roxanne that we were in good hands!”

Intuit QuickBooks Proadvisor Review


After moving to Order Manager several years ago we learned rather quickly we needed integration assistance with QuickBooks. Roxanne was quick, professional and has been a pleasure to work with throughout the years. Her knowledge of the reporting tools available and flow of information from Order Manager to QB’s has been invaluable. We highly recommend!”

Alec Sammann


Frankly, any small business that doesn’t have an in-house CPA should utilize Roxanne’s knowledge.  Without her help we would have been lost.  She saved us months of “figuring things out” and I’m sure saved us from many costly errors. I would have paid her double for the consulting she gave us.”
James Keough


As a Yahoo store and Monsoon Stone Edge user Roxanne has been a valuable partner to our business.  Roxanne’s expertise has saved our company countless hours of manual work by automating many of our accounting tasks and she has greatly improved our processes.  Roxanne is our first and only phone call!”

Chris Johnson


The bridge between the Order Manager and QuickBooks is fantastic.  It has created a much needed link between our inventory/order management and accounting software solutions.  As a small business operating within several different systems, linking them together is sometimes difficult.  This solution provided a simple yet efficient bridge between the two.”

Chris Valis


I’ve worked with Roxanne for over 5 years and have been very pleased with the level of knowledge and professionalism she brings to the table. She is truly an expert in the integration between Monsoon Stone Edge Order Manager and QuickBooks.”

Chris Moleskie
Wetsuit Wearhouse Inc


I’m enthusiastic about using Roxie for all StoneEdge and QuickBooks accounting needs. She’s someone you can trust, and she clearly cares about her clients. No question.”

Bob Adjemian


Thanks to Roxanne! When we changed our Order Manager System, we were totally lost.  She helped us understand the new system and told us the weaknesses and strengths of it.  Roxanne integrated our Order Manager System with QuickBooks and streamlined our processes, guiding us step by step. Time is a key element for success and Roxanne is aware of that.  She is very punctual and her professionalism, time, and effort are invaluable.”



Accounting was not one of my favorite subjects in school! Do you debit or do you credit? I never could keep it straight! Despite my disinterest in accounting, if you run a small business you really need to know how it works. Roxanne has helped us tremendously in understanding how Monsoon Stone Edge communicates with QuickBooks and helping us to set up good business practices. She has really simplified the process so we spend less time doing accounting and more time running our business. I would highly recommend her services.”

Alan Martin


Our company has been associated with Roxanne at Professional Business Solutions since 2008 on an as needed basis.  It is good to know that we have someone of her professional level of expertise to call on whenever we have Monsoon StoneEdge / QuickBooks related issues.”



Roxanne assisted us in 2011 when we integrated StoneEdge Order Manager with QuickBooks. To complicate matters, we were using the online version of QuickBooks and this had to be converted to QuickBooks 2012 first. Roxanne was extraordinarily helpful and successfully completed the conversion and integration seamlessly and pain free (for us). I would not hesitate to recommend her services or contract with her again for  future projects. Working with Roxanne was a pleasure and money well spent! She is professional, responsive to questions, and meets her timelines.”

Gary Yorke, Ph.D.


I don’t know what I would do without Roxanne!  She has worked one-on-one with me to create our company QuickBooks and is always there to answer any questions or concerns promptly.   Roxanne’s knowledge of QuickBooks combined with her knowledge of Monsoon Stone Edge has saved our company so much time and money by creating and training us on more efficient bookkeeping processes.   What a gem!”

Jodi Ortiz

Operations Manager

eParts and More, Inc. 

Working with Roxanne over the past year has dramatically helped the efficiency of our business.  I am self-taught on QuickBooks, but as our company has grown over the years, I have struggled with finding the best way to integrate all of our ecommerce and accounting systems (Yahoo store front, 4Psite, QuickBooks, etc).  Roxanne has helped bridge the gap by listening closely to what exactly we needed and then finding the best way to achieve these results.  Her well rounded knowledge of the industry and application of new processes now saves me hours every week.  It is great to have her input and expertise as part of our team.”

Adventure Designs


We had a wonderful experience working with Roxanne and her team. She made sure that our QuickBooks and Monsoon StoneEdge integration was done properly and seamlessly. She was also more than willing to work around our specific needs and requirements which are extremely crucial as a small business.”
Patat Ayuwathana
Financial Manager


Roxanne has done a great job in setting up our Stone Edge Order Manager interface with QuickBooks.  She has been great to work with and is always available to answer any questions.  She has been and continues to be an asset to our company.”

Ed Dunning



Roxanne Brown is extremely knowledgeable, insightful, and thorough.  She is a true professional whom I do not hesitate to contact for assistance. She is always there with expert, sound advice. She provides our company with a business partnership that allows us to strive forward and succeed.”

Chris W.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Roxanne Brown for the last 2 years and you won’t find a person or firm who is more qualified and knowledgeable about QuickBooks and StoneEdge softwares and their integrations.  I’m an accountant by training and have worked as a controller of small business up to a CFO of a publicly traded company and was impressed by the processes and internal controls Roxanne guided us through to help us generate timely and accurate financial statements for our ecommerce business.She is extremely knowledgeable in both QuickBooks and StoneEdge order manager and can help in any ways needed. I highly recommend her services as I’m certain you’ll be very pleased as we are.”

Garth Allred


Furniture-Online Stores



I highly recommend Roxanne Brown for your QuickBooks support.  Roxanne has a complete understanding of the software (including StoneEdge & Communique).  She has done an excellent job in training our staff to utilize the system.  I have complete trust and confidence in her knowledge and abilities, and appreciate her willingness to assist us whenever needed.

Darby Ibarguen, Controller

Media Supply, Inc.



I have been using Roxanne for almost 10 years. She knows QuickBooks inside and out. Not only does she know QuickBooks, but she has also helped me to find software solutions to make QuickBooks integrate with both my Yahoo store and Ebay store. It is fortunate for small business owners that there are talented, knowledgeable consultants out there like Roxanne that are available for us. Whether you are new to QuickBooks, or have been using it for years, Roxanne can help.

Robert E Nelson – President



Roxanne Brown has become a valued asset whom we can turn to for advanced Quickbooks questions and support. She is very knowledgeable, thorough, and quick to respond whenever we have a question and has a wealth of experience. It has been a delight to find Roxanne and we look forward to working together for many more years.

James Synott – Operations


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  • Roxanne Brown has become a valued asset whom we can turn to for advanced Quickbooks questions and support. She is very knowledgeable, thorough, and quick to respond whenever we have a question and has a wealth of experience. It has been a delight to find Roxanne and we look forward to working together for many more years.

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