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Other QuickBooks® Integrated Applications

With the release of QuickBooks® 2002, Intuit also released a Software Development Kit (SDK) for QuickBooks®, which would allow 3rd party developers to create programs that would enhance and expand the capabilities of QuickBooks®, so QuickBooks® user’s would no longer have to enter the same data twice………

QuickBooks 3rd party add-onsNo matter what type of business you run, you can find programs that will streamline your daily operations on the Intuit Marketplace.  The Intuit Marketplace offers applications that you can purchase and install locally on your computer and applications that run in your web browser that also integrate with your desktop version of QuickBooks®.  These 3rd party add-ons are written by Gold and Silver Developers, who have undergone an extensive testing and approval process to ensure that their applications are quality products that seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks®.

Our goal is to help small businesses grow and be more profitable!

Everyone says that, but we do it! By working to help you get your accounting records cleaned up and creating a manageable system for you to follow on a day-to-day basis, we help you to become self-sufficient.  This allows us to work with more clients — and most of our clients only require several hours of consulting work and then the occasional telephone support call.

For your convenience, we’ve separated the tools that we recommend into the categories shown below.  Simply click on one of the listed categories below to be redirect to a new page that will list specific products with a brief overview of their functionality.

Check back often as our list of tools is frequently updated as we discover and test new integration opportunities, in order to help you select tools that are “right for your business needs”.