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Have you developed a great eCommerce solution that you now would like to integrate with QuickBooks®, but you are not sure how to best develop this module?  Over the years Roxanne has consulted with many different QuickBooks® add-on software developers on this very subject.  You, as a developer, know your product inside and out; and Roxanne not only understand QuickBooks® the same way —- she also understands what eCommerce customer’s need and want.

By leveraging her years of experience, working with hundreds of eCommerce business owners, she brings a unique insight into what features and functionality can take your product to the next level.  Integrating with QuickBooks® is not as simple as connecting the two programs!

In order for the QuickBooks® integration piece of your software to be successful, you must know and understand:

  • Where the data should post within QuickBooks®
  • When it should post into QuickBooks®
  • Why it should post into QuickBooks® in a particular manner

It is also important that your customers know and understand this same information about your product; they need to understand:

  • Where is the data pulling from, in your product
  • When will it extract that data, what is the “flag” it will use
  • Why will it pull and post the data into QuickBooks® in a particular manner

If you are interested in hiring Roxanne to work with you and your company to develop the best possible QuickBooks® integration module, contact us using the form below for additional details.

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