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QuickBooks® File Maintenance & Review

Once we have your new day-to-day processes in place, our services and your needs don’t just end!  As your business grows, you may find that you are outgrowing the processes and systems we helped you to put into place originally.  Your QuickBooks® file may have grown quite large or you have questions about upgrading to a new version.

maintenance and reviewMany of our clients request an “annual or semi-annual” review before they or their accountants end up dealing with some frustrating year end issues; when their is a lot of pressure, deadlines, and very little time.

Our QuickBooks® File Maintenance and Review package is a must-have for all current clients in order to help them stay on top of things that might otherwise get overlooked in the hustle and bustle of normal day-to-day activities.  These are just a few of the things that a  review can include:

  • Questions about updating your computers/servers and how this impacts your QuickBooks® program and any integrated applications that you use.
  • Questions and procedures for upgrading to a new QuickBooks® version and how this impacts your integrated QuickBooks application(s).
  • Discussions involving the need to upgrade to a new version of QuickBooks®.
  • Do you need to start a new QuickBooks® file?  If so, what is the best way?
  • Is the newest version of QuickBooks® compatible with your integrated application(s)?
  • Should you upgrade to the newest version of QuickBooks® as soon as it is released?
  • What adjustments are needed in QuickBooks® before I send my file to the accountant for tax preparation?
  • Are the adjustments I’m making right?
  • Why do I feel that I’m constantly making adjustments?
  • Is my current QuickBooks® file stable enough to switch to a new system?
  • How do I reconcile accounts now that a 3rd party application is posting data into QuickBooks®?
  • The numbers in the new accounts just don’t seem right.
  • Can you verify that we have implemented the new procedures correctly?
  • Our CPA/Tax Preparer is not familiar with the 3rd party application(s) that we are now using, can you act as a liaison if they have questions?

How it works, what’s included and what it costs:

Our File Maintenance and Review package consists of a total of 4 hours for a cost of $460.00, and includes:

  • An annual or semi-annual *file review*, which will require 1-2 hours per review
  • Balance of the time to be used in any manner of your choice – phone, email, fax, or remote support, training, or consulting

*File reviews MUST be scheduled and paid for in advance, so be sure to plan early!  We recommend that you contact us in September to schedule your pre-paid file review.*

year-end file maintenance and review Purchase our File Maintenance & Review package today!