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Agiliron – Order Management & Beyond

Agiliron (https://www.agiliron.com/) is a great product on the market that I can’t wait to share with everyone. Personally I’ve always thought that good eCommerce programs for Order and Inventory Management have been relatively sparse, not to mention a solution that also included modules for distribution, retail, back-office and everything in between.   What is an Agiliron you ask?  Let’s take a look …

One of the biggest challenges an eCom business owner faces is finding a product that can handle everything they need in one integrated application.  Most people end up with multiple systems in place – and this can be costly in both time and money.   I often see a ‘hodgepodge’ of programs trying to work together and then trying to integrate with QuickBooks. The ability to find a company that offers a suite of integrated products is wonderful, especially as one’s business grows and continues to add sales channels.

Years ago many people sold through one website, maybe two..  However the landscape has changed dramatically, especially in the last 3 years or so; now it’s common to have multiple websites and also sell through one (or more) of the various marketplaces.   I would say the typical client I work with has an average of 3-5 sales channels, and growing.  While there are many eCommerce solutions currently available, many of those that I’ve come across don’t actually handle everything that’s needed from start to finish.  I think Agiliron has the ability to be a game changer for users by providing the power and flexibility that has so often seemed out of reach – until now.

So why do I think Agiliron is different and so exciting?   There are a number of reasons:

  • Competitive & Affordable Pricing, making it easy to get started
  • Easily Scalable, from 1 sales channel and up
  • POS integration with Online Sales Channels (or POS as a stand-alone)
  • A Completely Integrated & Customizable Solution; including integration with QuickBooks
  • The Developers are Awesome!
  • A SaaS Solution – Access anytime and anywhere you have a connection
  • eCommerce is at the Core of the program – NOT an Afterthought 



I’ve been extremely impressed with the level of commitment the developers have shown; not only to their program, but to their user/potential user base and beyond. It’s been AWESOME to work with developers who are actively seeking feedback from the end-user and the people in the field who live and breathe eCom on a daily basis. As they continue to add modules, additional sales channel integration, and other features Agiliron will become an even more powerful solution than it currently is.

Agiliron takes into consideration all the varied and complex needs and challenges of an eCommerce business. Once the system is set up, the users will have consistency across the board; from purchasing, to order & inventory management, to getting their data into QuickBooks … and everything in between.

Having a fully integrated system in place was once only a dream!  Make sure to check Agiliron out or contact us for more information.  We’ve been so impressed that I’ve decided to become a certified partner over the next few months!  I can’t wait to learn even more about their program and post back.

Rox 🙂