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Automate Your Yahoo! Store With SuperManager

  • Do you wish you could import your Yahoo! Store orders into QuickBooks® easily and correctly?
  • Are you re-typing all of your orders into QuickBooks®?  OR
  • Copying and pasting order information for hours each week?

If you use Yahoo! and QuickBooks®, you owe it to yourself to look at The SuperManager – by SuperWare, an Order Importer that was developed  specifically for Yahoo! stores.  In recent years, they have also added support for many other shopping carts (Shop Site, Shopify, XCart, Zen Cart, Americart, Amazon, and Claim TheWeb), so all of the manual data entry can be a thing of the past.

The SuperManager offers two different versions; a Lite version which acts as an Order Importer and a Full version which automates order processing, shipping, and payment functions.  The SuperManager works with QuickBooks® Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2003 and higher.

SuperManager Lite Version

The SuperManager Lite version is a perfect fit for businesses who want to seamlessly import their orders into QuickBooks® as either a Sales Receipt or an Invoice.  The program will even create your QuickBooks® Item List for you, making it easy to track products.  SuperManager Lite goes beyond a basic order importer and can work with several carts other than Yahoo!, including Amazon and Amazon FBA.  Orders can be exported to QuickBooks®, Quicken, or QuickBooks® POS, as well as a few additional options.

If you don’t already have a QuickBooks® file, let us create one for you that is customized for an eCommerce environment.  We can also review your current QuickBooks® file and revise it to work properly with The SuperManager.  Contact us today to discuss your needs.

SuperManager Full Version

The SuperManager Full version is more an order manager that integrates with Yahoo! as well as several other carts.  Not only can you download orders:

  • You can create and process orders
  • Charge and batch credit card payments
  • Export order information to shipping software
  • Import/Export the tracking information for shipping
  • Provides shipping scale integration
  • Send Drop Ship emails
  • Offers bar code scanning support
  • Has customizable templates
  • Export to QuickBooks®, Quicken, QuickBooks® POS, and much more

If you are considering SuperManager, or wondering if it is the right solution for you; contact us today for more information.  We can help you go through your list of “wants” and “must haves” in an add-on program and discuss your current operation and make recommendations that are tailored to your business.

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