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Stone Edge Recommended Services & Add-Ons

The Stone Edge website has a ton of great information, valuable resources, and 3rd party add-ons. Be sure to visit their site and take a look around.  However, I want to highlight a few of my favorites; these are companies and/or Stone Edge add-ons that I recommend on a daily basis – because I would be lost without them.

Technology CoPilot:

When it comes to installation, training, troubleshooting and customization, Technology CoPilot is a great resource.  I have been working with Steve Cisick and his team since 2007 and highly recommend them.  New users of Stone Edge will find his services invaluable and will have a much smoother deployment by working with him.

Established users can benefit from an Express Checkup, or add options such as the Tracking Import Automator or one of their many other Value Added Utilities for even more functionality.

In addition to Stone Edge support and services, Technology CoPilot offers a wide range of services that will help a small to medium sized company develop and execute a solid growth strategy by helping them focus on their core business while leveraging technology’s full benefits.


Communiqué  is the definitive reporting solution for the Stone Edge Order Manager.  With over 240 reports and graphical displays, Communiqué  will show you things you never even knew about your business – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Advanced features like Communiqué  Dashboard Central make it easy to monitor up-to-the-minute details about your business.

In addition to the powerful reporting tool of Communiqué,  be sure to check out additional add-ons – they are worth their weight in gold (of course that is my opinion) 🙂  The time saved by adding the Amazon, PayPal, or Credit Card Reconciliation modules is amazing!

Communiqué Webinars:

Here are the webinars that we have co-presented with Altaireon:


https://www.altaireon.com/communique_pro/webinars/commpro_webinars.html (Communiqué Pro)

Barney Stone Software:

The original founder of Stone Edge Technologies found that he really missed programming once he sold the company, so he decided to develop some cool utilities and offer some add-on programs that Stone Edge users will find helpful.  See his website here:



Barcoders specializes in solutions for Stone Edge Order Manager, Commerce, Interprise Solutions, Channeladvisor and Blackthorne Pro users.