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McWilliams & Associates, Inc. – For the Love of Business Newsletter Issue 5.17: July 25, 2006

Question – I do the bookkeeping for a business that uses a Yahoo Store and QuickBooks® 2003.  I read your recent advice on how to fix the import glitch and that helped on getting my orders imported just fine…but I have a problem with where the orders are being sent to…they’re imported as “Pmts” and invoices need to be created or else, I have negative numbers in my Accounts Receivable. Is there any way I can direct these orders to be imported into the “Sales Receipts” instead of “Pmts”? or am I doing something wrong? Please help. Submitted by Patty.



No,  you are not doing anything wrong unless you are adding a 2nd invoice; unfortunately that is the way a direct import from any Yahoo store to QuickBooks® will work. The export format from Yahoo uses the old QuickBooks® .iif format (Intuit Interchangeable File) and the data comes in as two entries; an Invoice and a Payment entry. However the “link” between the two is broken – which is why you have a negative Accounts Receivable and invoices not marked as paid.

You do not need to add an invoice to off-set the payment, as they are already created when you performed the import. To fix this particular issue; you will need to go into the “Receive Payments” window in QuickBooks® and click on “Previous” you will see the payment entries in the data file, and you will see the corresponding invoice listed below it, but no checkmark. In order to clear up the messy accounts receivable issue, you must manually “relink” the transactions by adding the checkmark and saving the change … each and every one must be corrected in this manner.

Once you add the checkmark to relink the transactions, the negative accounts receivable will go away; unless there are sales tax or refund issues that need to be also cleaned up.

You will notice the Amount Applied will change from -0- to the payment amount collected.

Importing directly from Yahoo to QuickBooks® without the aid of a 3rd party add-on program will always result in this problem; there is no way currently to select a Sales Receipt as an import option within Yahoo. You are probably noticing other strange issues, for instance:

  • Items created without accounts linked to them
  • Sales Tax is off
  • Fraudulent and open/cancelled orders are imported
  • All the items are created as a ‘Service’ type item

There are other issues as well, however the negative accounts receivable and the above are by far the biggest problems.

There are some nice programs available to eliminate the time-consuming work of manually correcting the Yahoo import issues. There are Order Importers and Order Managers available for Yahoo Store owners; each offering a different level of functionality to meet various needs.

I would recommend you take a look at one of my favorite order importing programs: The SuperManager Lite (https://thesupermanager.com/smliteqb.html). This program is extremely easy to set up and use. By using a 3rd party add-on program, you will be able to use the XML feature available within Yahoo to export your orders and post them into QuickBooks® as a Sales Receipt. Additionally, all of the other “strange” issues will also go away.