Specializing in QuickBooks® and eCommerce Training & Integration
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3 Hour QuickBooks® & eCommerce Consulting/Training Package

Are you frustrated with the way you are currently recording your eCommerce transactions in QuickBooks®?  Have you ever wished you had an accounting professional who was also familiar with how eCommerce businesses who use QuickBooks® for their normal day-to-day accounting operates and could also offer solutions to increase productivity and decrease duplicate or triplicate data entry that are specific to your business?

frustrated by proceduresWe have been working exclusively with eCommerce businesses, including Yahoo store owners, over the last several years.  We understand the challenges of using QuickBooks® properly with an On-Line business and are here to help.

Our eCommerce and QuickBooks® Consulting/Training package is a perfect fit for an eCommerce business owner whose books are in good shape, but they are spending too much time tracking important business outside of QuickBooks® and realizes that in order for his financial to be correct — things need to change.

What’s included in our 3-hour QuickBooks® & eCommerce Consulting/Training package? Depending on your businesses background, our 3-hour package can typically include:

  • Review of your existing QuickBooks® file and create a new file, if applicable.
  • Review external processes and record keeping functions.
  • Recommend third party programs.
  • Implement and train key personnel in the use of the selected 3rd party applications.

*Minimum 3 hours to be eligible for special pre-paid price of $405.00 ($135/hour)*

How it works:

This non-refundable deposit is required to start working together and must be used within 12 months of purchase.

As questions or emails are answered and consulting services are performed, this balance will be reduced in quarter hour (15 minute) increments.  This includes telephone, fax, email, and remote support sessions.  When the initial 3-hours have been used, a maintenance plan will be required for continued assistance, special pricing applies for ongoing maintenance, see our File Maintenance and Review page for pricing information.

This time is available for discussing any QuickBooks® related issues, starting a new file, reviewing an existing file, 3rd party add-on recommendations, troubleshooting, training, working with your CPA, or integration consulting.

We have been working with eCommerce clients for years and understand the challenges you face.  We can even help you get your Yahoo orders into QuickBooks® — without all the headaches AND they will be accurate!

Consulting is defined as what to do and/or your options to do it.

Training is defined as how to do something.

NOTE: Email support may be billed per “incident”.  Typically, one email is considered an incident, multiple questions could be considered multiple incidents — depending upon the complexity of issues and the presence f a current support plan.

3 hour support session

3 Hour QuickBooks® & eCommerce Consulting/Training package

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