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QuickBooks® and eCommerce Recommended Resources

When you use QuickBooks® Financial Software to run your eCommerce business, it’s important to have a reliable set of add-on tools and utilities to help you with time-consuming and error prone manual data entry.  This section includes a list of eCommerce tools, that we use and recommend to businesses just like yours, to assist you in your eCommerce and QuickBooks® integration needs.

Our goal is to help you run your eCommerce Store as efficiently as possible.

For instance, we can help you make informed decisions that will help you decide if:

  • You should use the feature available through Yahoo! to integrate your transactions into your QuickBooks® data file.
  • You should use the standard IIF export offered by PayPal to integrate your transactions into your QuickBooks® data file.
  • What are the pros and cons of the standard Yahoo! or PayPal features?
  • If you decide to take advantage of the current features available, what are the specific steps you must take to have them work correctly.
  • Do you need an Order Importer or an Order Manager?
  • What’s the difference between an Order Importer and and Order Manager?

Our goal is to help your small business grow and be more profitable.

Sure, everyone says that. But we do it. By working with you to get your records cleaned up and creating a workable system for you to follow on a day-to-day basis, we make you self-sufficient.

There are many QuickBooks® 3rd party add-ons available to expand the functionality of both your eCommerce site and QuickBooks®.  Is one the right solution for you?  How much would it cost?  How does it work?

You don’t have to learn by trial and error.  Reduce your frustration and learning curve by letting us point you in the right direction!


PayPal Resources:

Many of our clients use PayPal to process customer payments, if you are frustrated with the normal IIF export that PayPal provides for QuickBooks®; you should investigate these add-ons.

  • Big Red Consulting offers a PayPal to QuickBooks® Link, which I typically recommend for eCommerce businesses that process 30-50 transactions or less per month.  While PayPal offers an IIF export; this add-on offers a richer integration with QuickBooks® and supports several different import options.  You can import your PayPal receipts as Invoices, Sales Receipts, or as Payments to existing Invoices you have already entered in your QuickBooks® file.  The tool supports PayPal shopping cart detail data and both US and UK PayPal downloads.  You can also map individual vendor payments made out of you PayPal account, each to a specific expense account.
  • Simple Port by Simple Business Systems, a PayPal/eBay Import to QuickBooks®.  KwikPal is an excellent service that integrates with QuickBooks® for your on-line business systems; absolutely one of the best programs we have used.  More information about SimplePort can be found on our SimplePort Training and Resources page.

Yahoo Stores! Resources:

Many of our clients use Yahoo! and Yahoo! Stores to manage both their website and to process customer orders and payments.  If you are frustrated with with recording these sales in your QuickBooks® file; you should investigate these add-ons.

  • Stone Edge
  • SuperManager
  • Write It Once (WIO) offers The Shopping Cart Assistant can take your order information and bring the data into your accounting, shipping, credit card and contact manager programs.  It works with your existing shopping cart, so there is nothing to change.
  • Yahoo! Stores Order Processor – if you are tired of manually downloading your orders, hand typing or printing them out, manually updating your your store with shipping information, and having to continually hit the Sale button for every order; this tool will automate all of these processes for you.

QuickBooks® eCommerce Order Importers:

  • The SuperManager Lite
  • SimplePort (KwikPal)
  • Write It Once – the Shopping Cart Assistant

QuickBooks® eCommerce Order Managers

  • Stone Edge Order Manager
  • The SuperManager
  • T-Hub by Atandra Systems provides real-time inventory sync, updates in-stock quantities in QuickBooks® and your website.  Read our interview with Manish Jha, President of Atandra.

eCommerce Payment Solutions

  • eMerchant is a leading Merchant Account Provider specializing in credit card processing for online merchants.  Low rates, concierge service and easy integration has made eMerchant an easy choice since 2002.  Request a free quote or more information about eMerchant gateway partners and Merchant Accounts.