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Data Transfer & Remote Solutions

There are times when you need to transfer data from one QuickBooks® file to another and unfortunately there is not a built-in way to do this within QuickBooks®.  To accomplish this task you will need a 3rd party utility; and there are several good ones to choose from.

computers-2-comp-worldWe do offer data transfer as a service, however, we realize some of you may want to try this on your own.  Below is a list of some of our favorite products that we use on a regular basis.

Transferring data is not as easy at it sounds – even with a good tool.  Contact us if you need help!

Data Transfer Solutions

Baystate Consulting

Baystate Consulting offers several tools to import or export your data from both QuickBooks® desktop and QuickBooks® Online.

  • Transaction Pro Importer (for the QuickBooks® desktop version) – use this tool to import Excel spreadsheets, text files, databases or any ODBC compliant data source as transactions or lists.
  • Transaction Pro Exporter (for the QuickBooks® desktop version) – use this tool to export transactions or lists to Excel or text formats in a flat file format.
  • QuickBooks®Online Edition

Big Red Consulting

Big Red ConsultingWe use several of the tools Big Red Consulting offers and highly recommend them.  The Big Red tools are Excel Add-Ins, so you must have Microsoft Excel on your computer in order to use these programs.  Each program includes samples and great instructions to get you started.  Big Red offers several additional tools to make your life easier, check out some of there additional tools in our “Cool Tools” section.  A few of the data transfer tools are:

  • List Importer – this tool is similar to the Transaction Creator (see below), but geared toward helping you import your lists (Customers, Vendors, Items, and other list types).  It’s great for importing lists when starting a new QuickBooks® file and also supports opening balances for Accounts, Customers, Vendors, and Items.
  • Transaction Copier – this add-in helps you move transactions from one QuickBooks® file to another using the IIF (Inuit Interface Format) format.  Using the Transaction Copier you can export transactions from QuickBooks® to Excel and then create an IIF file to import into another QuickBooks® file.  It’s especially useful for collaboration between an accountant and a client, or to support the use of a QuickBooks® file “in the field” for remote data entry and later integration/merge with the main office file.  I use this extensively with several of my construction clients and it works great.
  • Transaction Creator – use the IIF Transaction Creator to import transactions from Excel to QuickBooks®.  This add-on supports most transaction types; including bills, invoices, sales receipts, deposits, and more.  It uses data on an Excel worksheet to create an IIF file that is customized for your QuickBooks® company for an easy and reliable import.  It integrates with your company file by directly connecting to QuickBooks® to get company file data needed to create a compatible IIF file.


Q2Q (QuickBooks® to QuickBooks®) by Karl Irvin has quite a few excellent tools and we have used many of them over the years.  These tools use the Intuit SDK (Software Development Kit) and are based in Microsoft Access, the runtime engine is available on his site for download if you do not have Access installed on your computer.  These tools come with excellent instructions and you will find a lot of useful information on his site, even a free utility or two.

  • Beginning Balance Transfer Utility – the Beginning Balance Transfer Utility allows you to take the ending balances in one QuickBooks® file (as of any date) and make them the beginning balances in a new QuickBooks® file.  This allows you to start a new file with the least number of transactions in it.  The new file will normally be smaller than a file that has been condensed and in my opinion, a much better option.
  • Check Transfer Utility – the Check Transfer Utility allows you to transfer Payroll Checks, Payroll Liability Checks and Sales Tax Liability Checks from one QuickBooks® file to another QuickBooks® file.  However, the checks are imported as regular checks and will not appear on any payroll specific reports such as 941’s and W-2’s. QuickBooks® payroll reports, if needed, will have to be run from the file where the checks were originally created.  This is a limitation of Intuit’s SDK, not because of the developer.
  • Data Transfer Utility – the Data Transfer Utility (DTU) allows QuickBooks® users to quickly and easily transfer (merge) list and transaction data from one QuickBooks® file to another QuickBooks® file.  Using simple parameters, the Data Transfer Utility automatically makes the transfer while allowing you to control the process.  QuickBooks® files are opened and closed by the Transfer Utility and the regular QuickBooks® program does not have to be running.  Small transfers can be made in less than a minute.  For additional information about the Data Transfer Utility, download an interview that we did with Karl Irvin, CPA.
  • Intercompany Transfer Utility – the Intercompany Transfer Utility (ITU) can easily transfer inter-company changes from a Parent company to its Subsidiaries.  With a few mouse clicks the Intercompany Transfer Utility (ITU) will export inter-company charges from the Parent’s QuickBooks® file and then import them into each Subsidiaries QuickBooks® file.


Remote Solutions

Remote solutions allow you work more efficiently.

  • Tired of making data back-ups that won’t restore?
  • Sick of dragging CD’s or “thumb drives” from one place to another?
  • Need to send a back-up to multiple places?
  • Ever have a computer failure only to discover that your back-up was no good?
  • Does someone at the office need 10 minutes of help when you are miles away? (read about Tools & Services To Work Remotely With Your Computer and QuickBooks® in our blog)

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then you owe it to yourself to check out these products!

Business Data Access

Business Data AccessBusiness Data Access provides a simple way for you to transfer and backup your QuickBooks® data.  With a click of a button, Business Data Access (formerly Business Data Transfer) can send your company data to your accountant, another workstation, or another location – no more hunting for the most recent QuickBooks® data file or running out of space on a USB drive.  They offer great support and the service is very easy to use.  To learn more about Business Data Access, sign up for a free trial, or attend a webinar, visit their website.


INSYNQ – since 1997, InsynQ has been providing manages IT services and application hosting for over 300 popular business applications including QuickBooks®, Lacerte, Microsoft Office and Exchange, Goldmine, Sage ACT!, and many more.  Their IT solutions are customizable, scalable and more affordable than many traditional methods used to run and technology.  Your information is safe and secure in a data center with exceptional network reliability and 24/7 customer support.  You can work from anywhere, anytime and still access the data, files, and documents you need in real time.  Everything is monitored by certified engineers and backed up with full disaster recovery in case of an emergency.  It’s like having your own IT department at a fraction of the cost.

InsynQ offers customized solutions, so if you don’t see the QuickBooks® add-on that you use (such as Stone Edge or SuperManager), give them a call and they will be happy to work with you.

RAS (Remote Accounting Solutions)

Remote Accounting Solutions (RAS) is an easy and effective way for you to connect with clients and their data.  Their goal is to provide you with a solution that maximizes technology and efficiency to that you can leverage your time helping the clients that you count on.  With one click you have instant access to your clients information so that you do  not waste time managing data or dealing with technical issues.

Real Time Data Services, LLC offers several solutions for remotely working with your data, including:

  • QuickPoint-N-Click is geared toward accounting and bookkeeping professionals that find value in being able to access their clients QuickBooks® files remotely in a seamless and easy manner.
  • QuickE-Docs provides a user friendly way to send, store, and retrieve source documents, allow quick and easy communications between you and your client.  It includes an “Auto-Alert” feature, which will notify you by email whenever new documents are available for processing or changes have been made.
  • Virtual Server for Workgroups is a robust managed Windows desktop that provides remote access to multiple applications such as QuickBooks® and Microsoft Office.  It also supports file and folder sharing for remote work groups.

Download an interview that we did with Real Time Data Services (formerly Real Time Accounting, Inc.).