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Is an Order Manager in your future?  Is it time for some automation or new marketplace services?   Maybe it’s time to check out Monsoon Commerce – AND get a $500 credit toward your Monsoon Stone Edge purchase!

Are you wondering how you can have a more profitable holiday season without having to deal with all the time consuming paper work involved in tracking your sales? Continue reading

MonCon 2012 combines the Monsoon and Stone Edge customer conferences to create the premier event where online merchants, multi-channel retailers, and marketplace sellers can learn about and share key strategies for driving online sales and streamlining retail operations.

Learn about all the new features in the recent ‘Stone Edge 2012’ release and see a live demo of the product and get your questions answered! Continue reading

The Annual Stone Edge User Conference (now called MonCon East) is just around the corner on May 18th thru the 20th at the Sheraton Society Hill, Philadelphia.

Stone Edge/Monsoon User ConferenceI am really excited and looking forward to seeing everyone again, and meeting many of you for the first time.

They have a lot of great things planned and I will be doing a session on how to use QuickBooks® with Stone Edge Order Manager – scheduled on Sunday May 20; from 1:45 – 2:30 PM.  For a full conference agenda, click here.

I think they are also close to being sold out already, so if you haven’t registered yet you better hurry up! Check out all the details at:

I’ll see you there!

Rox 🙂

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When I started working with Yahoo! Store owners there really wasn’t a good way to import orders into QuickBooks®.

While it was possible to manually export and import orders from Yahoo! into QuickBooks®, it came with many problems, such as phantom accounts, incorrect sales tax, payments and invoices were not linked, and a few other issues as well.

When Intuit released QuickBooks® 2002, the import suddenly stopped working altogether!

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Professional Business Solutions 4 U, LLC is a virtual company and we have used various programs for remote access and support over the years.  As more and more of you venture into using remote access solutions in your own company, we thought it would be useful to you if we mentioned a few of the programs we have used successfully.  We have not met most of our clients in person, yet by utilizing these services – it is almost like I am right there on-site.

data transfer and remote access add-onsI typically use WebEx, through QuickBooks®, for the remote support/consulting services that I offer; however, there have been times that I have needed to use another service.  I have also had the opportunity to use different solutions because a client has an account or preferred method of their own.

In general, it is good to have options.  You never know when a service is down or you run into a conflict with a particular browser.

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McWilliams & Associates, Inc. – For the Love of Business Newsletter Issue 5.17: July 25, 2006

Question – I do the bookkeeping for a business that uses a Yahoo Store and QuickBooks® 2003.  I read your recent advice on how to fix the import glitch and that helped on getting my orders imported just fine…but I have a problem with where the orders are being sent to…they’re imported as “Pmts” and invoices need to be created or else, I have negative numbers in my Accounts Receivable. Is there any way I can direct these orders to be imported into the “Sales Receipts” instead of “Pmts”? or am I doing something wrong? Please help. Submitted by Patty.

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McWilliams & Associates, Inc. – For the Love of Business Newsletter Issue 4.16: April 26, 2005

Question – I am using QuickBooks® Online for my bookkeeping and PayCycle for my payroll as recommended by Intuit.  PayCycle keeps track of all the payroll taxes I pay.  My questions are:

  1. Do I need to double book the payroll expenses for every paycheck in QuickBooks® Online (QBOL), when they are already in PayCycle?
  2. Is there a way to have PayCycle automatically enter the amounts in QuickBooks® Online (QBOL) (this may be a questions for PayCycle).


Submitted by Todd.

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